Pinoy Rap Hall of Fame

Pinoy Rap Album Hall of Fame

The Pinoy Rap Album Hall of Fame recognizes albums of this genre that were given the honorary 5/5 rating. Albums that are given this rating are considered masterpieces, the greatest and most iconic. And that, these albums stood the test of time and would still be recognized by future generations of Pinoy Hip-Hop heads.

As with the review section, this site only review studio albums both LP and EP. Compilation albums and soundtracks are excluded.

Francis M. – Rap is Francism
Octoarts Records (1992)
The second studio album released by The Late King of Pinoy Rap, Francis Magalona. The album expressed a strong sense of nationalism and dealt with various social issues that despite recorded in 1992, such is still highly relevant up to this day. Plus Francis M. showed his lyrical skills and flow.

Rap is Francism is a definitive Pinoy Rap album and arguably among the best within this genre.
Chinese Mafia – The Leading Chinese Daily
Dongalo Wreckords / Electric Chair Entertainment (1997)
Chinese Mafia’s first self-titled studio album, brought “Tsinoy” culture, issues and subject matter to listeners and still makes it related.

The comic antiques of Chi-Nigga combined with the seriousness and hard flow of Klutch makes Chinese Mafia a formidable group in Pinoy Hip-Hop and delivered it well!
Oblaxz – Ang Testamento
IPK-Oblaxz Music / D’Concorde (1998)
This is the second studio album coming from Oblaxz and the the first album the group has released after going independent.

The album explores the group’s self thought and personal experiences plus reflection as narrated by their front-man, K-Ozz.

With avant-garde beats and strong subject matter, Ang Testamento is one of most powerful Pinoy Rap albums ever recorded.
Genezide – Kasalanan
Epic / Sony (1999)
One of the original members of Death Threat, Genezide went solo with this studio album, released back in 1999.

Here, he deals with various issues related to sin and the overall outcome is a Pinoy Rap masterpiece.
Syke – Syke
Vibestation Entertainment (1999)
A fusion of hip-hop music and poetry coming from one of the best lyricist in Pinoy Rap, Syke.

His first studio album, brought in self expression and is supported by beats fused with traditional Filipino folk music.
Ghetto Doggs – Dear Critics…
Dongalo Wreckords, Sony Music Entertainment (Philippines) (1999)
The ultimate diss record!

The third studio album coming from The Pinoy Rap supergroup, Ghetto Doggs and through this album, the group lyrically MURDERED their opponents.
Denmark – Blind Rhyme
BMG Philippines (2004)
Another definitive Pinoy Rap album, Denmark’s third studio album explored his serious side, with tracks dealing with various issues of urban life. But at the same time, also kept his comical side that he was originally known for.

Denmark, who’s known for his iconic track, “Louningning” brought in a revised version plus a classic follow-up.

Plus with production and support from Madd World Entertainment, he produced a classic!
Gloc-9 – MKNM: Mga Kwento Ng Makata
Universal Records (Philippines) (2012)
Gloc-9’s sixth studio album explores various social issues and subject matter on what is is happening in the country.

Plus expressing his self-thoughts delivering a Pinoy Rap masterpiece.