Dhictah & KMG – Walang Kompromiso

Dhictah & KMG – Walang Kompromiso

The latest album to come out from Uprising Records Philippines.

Walang Kompromiso is the second studio album by Dhictah and KMG. This is a digital release available in Spotify.



Dhictah – Tara sa Dagat Online Launch!

Dhictah – Tara sa Dagat Online Launch!

Beatmaker and producer, Dhictah recently released his online album titled, Tara sa Dagat.

This is an instrumental album featuring some of the most hardcore beats you can listen to in Pinoy Hip-Hop.

Official launch video



Plazma – ANG ULAT AT ANG DELUBYO Album Launch!

Plazma – ANG ULAT AT ANG DELUBYO Album Launch!

Horrorcore Pinoy Rap lyricist, Plazma releases his debut online album right for Halloween!

Titled ANG ULAT AT ANG DELUBYO, this online album is produced by Uprising Records, Philippines.


Suntok ng Kamao – Dhictah x KMG (feat. Tatz Maven, KJah and DJ Arthug)

“Suntok ng Kamao” – Dhictah x KMG (feat. Tatz Maven, KJah and DJ Arthug)

Uprising, one of the most respected record labels in The Philippines has released this brand new track with Dhictah and KMG featuring, Tatz Maven, Kjah and DJ Arthug.

Production and mastering by KMG.

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Album Review: Teknika Brutal – Puro EP

Album Review

Title: Puro EP

Artist: Teknika Brutal

Year: 2020

Label: Uprising

By Webmasta

A Pinoy Hip-Hop collective composed of lyricists, Batas aka. Panginoon and Apoc aka. The Death Architect or Arkitekto. Joining the two is producer, KMG, and DJ Arthug who provides the scratch and mixes.

Under Uprising Records, Teknika Brutal released the extended play collaboration album, Puro EP back in 2020.

A review of the tracks

Puro EP is an eight track extended play album and what an album it is! The album is fronted by both Batas and Apoc, delivering strong lyrical abilities and hard punchlines. Batas’ hard vocals is in great contrast to Apoc’s softness. Their vocals are supported by the hard, grimy beats produced by KMG and scratching from DJ Arthug.

Every track goes hard from the grimy intro to various tracks of the same style such as “Dapat Patunayan” or “Maling Akala”, the latter being my favorite for this album. In contrast, tracks such as “Labi” has a more “upbeat” feel compared to the rest.

Other tracks such as “Sabi Daw Nila” is a showcase for Pinoy Hip-Hop where both Apoc and Batas goes on a lyrical exchange and is accompanied by one of the hardest beats produced by KMG. Completing the track is the scratching on the end by DJ Arthug. One can argue you’re going to bang your head throughout the entire length of this track.

You got every element represented here to produce a raw hip-hop album!

Notable Quotes

“Ang salita kutsilyong nakakahiwa nag dedepende ang hapde sa talas ng dila”

Teknika Brutal – Maling Akala


With Puro EP, Teknika Brutal delivered a raw and hard hip-hop sound, defining what Pinoy Hip-Hop should be. I like the lyrical exchange between Batas and Apoc plus the beats in this album are “strong” ranging from hard to melodic. What more the numerous turntable scratches in many of its tracks.

The only drawback that I found with this album is through the track, “Labi”, honestly the woman’s background vocals tends to be a bit distracting especially when you want to listen to the verses itself.

But still, Puro EP remains to be one of my favorite Pinoy Hip-Hop albums! And this is not only one of the best albums produced by UPRISING but also one of the best albums ever in Pinoy Hip-Hop.


  • Strong lyrical flow and delivery
  • Mixture of hard to melodic beats
  • Loads of scratches

  • The woman’s vocals is somewhat distracting in the track, “Labi”

Favorite track: “Maling Akala”

Least Favorite track: “Purista”

Overall Review: 5/5