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Album Review: Shanti Dope – Basic

Album Review

Title: Basic

Artist: Shanti Dope

Year: 2022

Label: Universal Records Philippines

By Webmasta

Before I start, yes musical trends have changed. With the availability of both the internet and social media, many musicians prefer releasing their material online. What more is that, many prefer releasing singles over full albums even if the latter is an extended play format. Nevertheless there are still a handful of artists who prefer releasing full albums and I have to give them credit for that.

And the album reviews still continue!

Let’s get back to the program. Sean Patrick Ramos, more known in Pinoy Hip-Hop as Shanti Dope is one of the most prolific rap artists in The Philippines and recently dropped his latest EP album. Titled Basic, this is Ramos’ third studio album and is under Universal Records Philippines.

A review of the tracks

Shanti Dope’s third EP album has a total of 5 tracks of pure hip-hop music. Just like his previous studio albums, Ramos kept the same formula of smooth vocal flow plus his trademark spoken word theme and lyrics.

He also kept his diverse music styles such as going chill / lofi in the track, “Tabi” featuring Daarth, to the “trap” like sound of Loaded which also featured fellow rap artist, Hellmerry.

Notable Quotes

“Sabog na sabog sa ngiti pag tatawa ka ganto pala kapag sayo tumama”

Shanti Dope – Tabi


Shanti Dope’s third album, still provided a decent listening pleasure. But unfortunately, is not as classic or breathtaking as his previous 2017 release, Materyal. I more felt Materyal as it was more presentable and tracks in this album are some of the most iconic in Pinoy Hip-hop.

As with Basic, my personal favorite track is still “Basic” as I highly appreciate his lyrical flow and the supporting beat went hard.

Overall, Basic still worth checking out and is still a good album coming one of the most versatile Pinoy Hip-Hop lyricists.


  • Decent listening pleasure

  • Album lack the classic feel compared to his previous release.

Favorite track: “Basic”

Least favorite track: “Sumpa”

Overall Review: 4/5

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Album Review: Assembly Generals – Fatigue

Album Review

Title: Fatigue

Artist: Assembly Generals

Year: 2019

Label: Locked Down Entertainment

By Webmasta

Released back in 2019 under Locked Down Entertainment, Fatigue is the second studio album coming from the hip-hop fusion band, Assembly Generals.

The group is composed of MCs, Swtichtrik and Peaceful Gemini, Plus Jigger Divina on the turntables, Ray Marasigan on drums and is produced by Mon Punzalan.

A review of the tracks

There are a total of twelve tracks in Fatigue with seven tracks of full abstract hip-hop music, one “fusion music” while the rest are composed of interludes.

The album starts with “Taro-San”, which is more a live announcement recording and then shifts to “Kulog”, a socially conscious track that was created to “wake up” people who remain ignorant from the various problems and issues facing human kind.

But again, most if not all tracks in this album are socially conscious and are spreading awareness on the problems and various issues related to society.

Take the English language track, “Roulette” for example. It deals with people choosing the wrong paths in life, the fatal consequence they face in making such choice and ultimately, us being the reason for their demise. Another is the upbeat sounding track, “Ligaw” which is my favorite track in the entire album. In “Ligaw”, the group questions the listener why society is stuck in that “circle” and preventing from moving “forward” for betterment.

Notable Quotes

“Naiwan sa kahapon at hindi na umabante; umaasa sa wala panay reklamo ng maarte”

Assembly Generals – Kulog


Assembly Generals’ second studio album did its part in waking up listeners on the problems of society and encourages them to take action.

Personally, I find Fatigue as a listening experience as it makes you think on the current situation not only The Philippines but the entire planet and make a decision on whether you choose to do something about it or not. Assembly Generals delivered their message as through their socially conscious tracks and is supported by strong beats and production.

Such music is among those contributing to the rise of the so-called “woke culture” especially with today’s generation. But it is still up to the person who agree with the album’s message, disagree with it or continue to remain blind on what is happening around us. Though honestly, the people who choose the latter have nothing to loose as there are people out there who both mind and continue their own business and not be affected with the issues dealt in this album.

While Assembly Generals are questioning the listener, I have a question for the group and is more what they want to happen with society and our future?

Certainly we do not live in a perfect society and even with strong conscious message and spreading awareness, as I said earlier that people still have the choice to doubt and disagree.

Another criticism I find with this album is in the track, “Roulette”. This is arguably the most powerful track in Fatigue especially when it comes to the theme and subject matter. And while the group conveyed their message well, I still think that flow and delivery for this track needs some refinement. I”m not going to be biased with language though I still think that if the lyrics were done in Tagalog, the track would possibly reach a wider audience, Philippine-wise. Though using English is fine as well and as with the said language, I will compare with Mastaplann’s “Fix Da World Up” which is also a socially conscious track though its subject matter is not as deep as “Roulette”. Both Tracer and Type had a decent flow in “Fix Da World Up”. Switchtrik’s flow in “Roulette” can still improve and create an updated version.

Overall, Fatigue is an album that is worth listening to and is among taking Pinoy Hip-Hop music to the next level.


  • The theme of the album which is about social awareness on the issues concerning society

  • The lyrics, rhyme and flow for the track, “Hands Off” needs some refining.

Favorite track: “Ligaw”

Least Favorite track: “Hands Off”

Overall Review: 4.5/5

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Album Review: Stick Figgas – Realistick

Album Review

Title: Realistick

Artist: Stick Figgas

Year: 2018

Label: MCA Music Inc.

By Webmasta

The second studio album released by the hip-hop duo, Stick Figgas. Both Loonie and Ron Henley are still present, but are joined by musicians of different genres such as singer, Kat Kat Agarrado of both Passage and SinoSiKat, Tuts Calinawan on bass guitar and many others.

As with the addition of new members, the group evolved from pure hip-hop to a more full fledged “fusion” band.

On the personal side, reviewing this album will be somewhat of a challenge as I have been used to the usual “hip-hop” albums and this one will be different as the entire tracklist is heavy on live instrumentals, something that I’m not that familiar with.

A review of the tracks

Realistick has a total of nine tracks of hip-hop fusion. The entire album contain live instrumentals, providing the background music for both Loonie and Ron Henley. Here’s a breakdown,

  1. “4:19”: The introductory track and this one is all instrumental, introducing listeners to the group’s latest style of music which is more fusion.

  2.  “Lamanloob”: A “spoken word” track dealing with the will of self-action, thought and decisions. And both the risk and consequences of such.

  3. “Mukha Ng Pera”: An interesting track about the usual subject of money being the root of all evil plus social status.

  4. “Ubasan”: Another “spoken word” track with a romantic theme. Also one of the most known track in this album as I often hear this every time in Wave 89.1 FM’s The Flow.

  5. “Parisukat”: This is my favorite track in the album especially the melodic feel of the music plus its “spoken word” theme and lyrics.

  6. “Hiram”: A “spoken word” track dealing with life and the decisions people choose while living.

  7. “Bara Bara”: More a “freestyle track” of self expression accompanied by a live band of the group’s additional members.

  8. “Sinungaling”: A “spoken word” track about credibility, trust and lies committed by people and society.

  9. “Nandito Lang Ako”: The final track and also a remix of the same track in their previous 2007 album, Critical Condition. It contains the “knight in shining armor” theme with a twisted plot.

Notable Quotes

“Di na pwede yung tulad ng dating puro na lang oo; Uulitin lang kung ano itinuro parang loro”

Stick Figgas – Lamanloob


Pinoy Hip-Hop heads will have mixed reactions with both Stick Figgas’ second studio album and its evolution to a fusion band. Some accept the change while others still prefer the usual hip-hop music with beats containing samples of various tracks.

Honestly, I still find it a welcoming development that despite the presence of live instruments, the hip-hop element is still there. Both MCs, Loonie and Ron Henley still expressed strong lyrics, thought and subject matter.

Overall, Realistick delivered and is an example of how various genres are fused to create some good music.


  • Strong lyrical flow and delivery
  • Retaining the “hip-hop” element despite the use of live instruments.

  • For those who can’t accept such fusion, many look at this album as more rock oriented than hip-hop.

Favorite track: “Parisukat”

Least Favorite track: “Hiram”

Overall Review: 4/5