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“Panaginip” – Crazy As Pinoy

“Panaginip” – Crazy As Pinoy

One of the finalist for Rappublic of The Philippines, a Pinoy Rap competition held by the popular noontime variety show, Eat Bulaga and hosted by Pinoy Rap icon, The Late Francis Magalona, Crazy As Pinoy releases the music video of their iconic track decades later.

“Panaginip” is produced by Blvck Entertainment Production Inc.

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Articles: It’s PINOY HIP-HOP not OPM Hip-Hop!


It’s PINOY HIP-HOP not OPM Hip-Hop!

Written by Webmasta! (6/16/2021)

While such isn’t a big deal for The Pinoy Hip-Hop community as a whole, I’ve always have issue with this term especially when promoting our country’s hip-hop in the global scene.

And there are many hip-hop heads around the country who prefer using the term, OPM Hip-Hop / OPM Rap instead of Pinoy Hip-Hop / Pinoy Rap or Filipino Hip-Hop / Filipino Rap when describing hip-hop music and culture in The Philippines.

Most if not all Filipinos know that OPM stands for Original Pilipino Music. And OPM Hip-Hop is short of Original Pinoy Music Hip-Hop. But again, try to describe that to a non-Filipino and you will get response such as, “what the fuck is OPM?”

That’s why I still prefer the term, Pinoy Hip-Hop or Filipino Hip-Hop as the people of The Philippines are called Filipinos and that the colloquial term for Filipino is Pinoy. Hip-Hop is a street / urban culture so Pinoy Hip-Hop is a more suitable and acceptable.