The Sun Valley Crew


Title: The Sun Valley Crew

Artist: Sun Valley Crew

Label: Universal Records

Year: 1996

Type: Long Play

Format: Cassette, CD, Digital

Language(s): English

Track List

  1. Intro
  2. Bob Ya Headz
  3. Spark In The Dark (Southside)
  4. Da Place Where We Dwellz
  5. Tricks On You (4:51)
  6. What’s Wrong? (Skit)
  7. A Game We Play
  8. Izzit On?!
  9. Juss Chillin (My Hommies Kick It With Me)
  10. Rap Steady !! (S.V.C.)
  11. Where You From?
  12. Where You At?
  13. Southside Recognize
  14. MCs Like You
  15. Who This (skit)
  16. Summertime Bliss