Sun Valley Crew

Sun Valley Crew

Based in: Metro Manila

Language(s): English

Style(s): Spoken Word, Fusion

Status: Active

Affiliation: Music Colony Records, Tru Asiatik Tribe


  • Juss-Rye
  • Slimm
  • Ill-J
  • Puff A-J


Based in Southern Metro Manila, Sun Valley Crew was originally composed of MCs, Ryan “Juss-Rye” Armamento and Joseph “Puff A-J” Papa. The two were later joined by Roy “Ill-J” SeƱeres Jr. and Ryan “Slimm” Ventura, both MCs who had a their own group called Phreak Phuncktion.

The group is originally known for their “g-funk” sound but later on, experimented with a more “fusion” sound.

Sun Valley Crew continues to remain active in The Pinoy Hip-Hop scene and still releasing new material under their new label, Music Colony Records.