Based in: California, Nevada, Metro Manila

Language(s): English

Style(s): Street

Status: Semi-active

Affiliation: Tru Asiatik Tribe, Red Egg Records


  • Tracer-One
  • Johnny Krush
  • Type
  • DJ Sonny
  • DJ Master of Disaster
  • DJ Ouch


One of the most influential Pinoy rap groups, Mastaplann was originally composed of MCs, Butch “Tracer One” Velez and Johnny “Type” Luna both coming from The San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, California in The US. Upon their visit to The Philippines back in 1992, the two eventually met The Megateam DJs, Sonny, M.O.D. and Ouch via DMC Philippines manager, Jessie Gonzales Cambosa.

The Megateam DJs joined Mastaplann and provided both beats and production for the group. They eventually got signed to Universal Records Philippines, and released their first “self-titled” studio album back in 1993. The album became widely successful and brought in hit tracks such as, “Bring Dat Booty”, “Fix da World Up” and many more.

Mastaplann became a game changer in The Pinoy Hip-Hop scene, bringing in a more “street-like” persona unlike the “commercial” image of Pinoy Rap’s predecessors. They have influenced later generations of Pinoy Rap artists and groups in both music, image and subject matter.

A year after the released of their “self-titled” studio album, Mastaplann adapted a more “g-funk” sound when the group released their second studio album, The Way Of The Plann back in 1994 and contained the hit track of the same title as well as “Rollin’ in tha Ride” and many others.

Both Tracer-One and Type returned to The US back in the late-90s and began to explore the internet, which during that time was progressing and becoming more available. With help of various html programmers, the two set up their official website ( and began to promote their music online. At the same time, joined Francis M.’s newly formed label, Red Egg Records and released their third studio album, back in 1999.

With new production from The Handroidz, Mastaplann shifted from g-funk to a combination of boombap and a more abstract sound. Overall, was well received in The Pinoy Hip-Hop Community.

Mastaplann continues to collaborate and perform in various hip-hop events around The US, particularly in The West Coast. Recently Johnny Krush, a long time friend and collaborator joined the group and along with Tracer-One performed in reunion concerts during their visits to Metro Manila.