Pinoy Hip-Hop Artists Abroad

The Pinoy Hip-Hop scene is not only in The Philippines but worldwide where many Pinoy youths got into the culture and represent its elements.

East Asia

Hong Kong S.A.R.
  • Dogs of War – A Pinoy Rap trio and one of the most respected in the territory.

  • Eazybeatz – Lester “Eazybeatz” Angeles is a Pinoy Rap artist, producer and beatmaker based in HK. He has produced beats for various Pinoy Rap artists / groups in both The Philippines and Hong Kong and is currently under Michigan based, Tre-Mob Records.

  • Likas Ng Talento (Likalento) – A Pinoy Rap supergroup composed of members from both Cavite Province in The Philippines and HK. The HK chapter of the group are composed of Rasty M-16 and Deadmah.

  • Pinoy Wit Attitude – Pinoy Rap group composed of C.E., J-Treze and MikeyMikeyhomen and produced by Eazybeatz.
  • Kaprizyoza – A Pinay Rap artist based in Tokyo.

The Middle East

  • Espada Kuwait – A Pinoy Rap group based in Kuwait City.

  • Pobreng Rapper – Pinoy Rap group currently under independent Pinoy Rap label, El Grande Records and R.T. Production.

  • Rap Infantry Familia – Formerly known as Hommiezide Posse, the group is composed of Sir-J, Spike R1 and Ramonic Chronic.
  • Trece Familia – Pinoy Rap group based in Doha.
United Arab Emirates
  • DxB Group – Dubai based Pinoy Hip-Hop collective.


  • Kay One – Half Pinoy / half German rap artist from Friedrichshafen in the southern part of  Germany. He is also a member of popular German Hip-Hop group, Berlins Most Wanted which also includes its current members, Bushido and Fler.
  • Zargon – Pinoy Rap artist currently in Italy. He is signed with underground label, Sandamukal Records.
  • N-Jin and Denial – A half Pinoy, half Norwegian rap duo composed of brothers N-Jin and Denial The Rice Cracker.
United Kingdom
  • Kid Cras – London based half Pinoy / half Chinese-Malaysian rap artist, graffiti writer and producer. He is known through his parody and comedic style of Pinoy Rap.

  • KyD – Pinoy Rap artist based in London


  • Natz Da Pinoy Rapper – Pinoy Rap artist representing Sydney.

North America

  • D-Pryde – Canadian MC of Filipino descent. Originally from Brampton Ontario, he is currently based in New York City and is signed to both independent label, Mars Music Group and BMG Records.

  • Mil Dolyarez – Pinoy Rap artist based in Toronto but raised in Manila. Also known as OG Cola, he is a member of Pinoy Rap groups, Urbanflipz and Lyrikal Academi.
United States


  • Grupo ni Berdugo – Hardcore Pinoy Rap group based in Long Beach.

  • Kilabot ng Kali – A hardcore Pinoy Rap group based from The San Francisco Bay Area. The group is composed of Atrazo, Bayolente and Eboy.

  • Paul “Pikaso” Sirate – Half Filipino-American / half Italian-American and one of the pioneers in The San Francisco Bay Area hip-hop scene. Now based in Manila, he produces various Pinoy Rap artists / groups and is the founder and owner of TURF Clothing.

  • Ruby Ibarra – Born in raised in Tacloban, Leyte but immigrated with her parents to The San Francisco Bay Area. She raps about life being an immigrant in The US and about her roots.

  • Sunog Baga – Pinoy Rap group based in Long Beach. They are currently signed under Dongalo Wreckords.

District of Columbia

  • Gagong Rapper – A Pinoy Rap super group compose of members from the Washington DC Metro area. They are currently signed under Dongalo Wreckords.


  • EZ Mil – Half Pinoy / half Caucasian rap artist born in Olongapo and raised in both The Philippines and in The United States, particularly in California. He is now based in Las Vegas, Nevada and is known for the nationalistic track, “Panalo”.

  • Faize One – One of the finest Filipino MCs from Las Vegas. He is also part of Askal Rekkords.

New York

  • Mike Swift – Born in Batangas City but raised in Brooklyn, he made a name in The Pinoy Hip-Hop scene both in Manila and in NYC. He is also the founder of Pinoy Hoops and organized various basketball and hip-hop events in FTI Tenement, helping its residents and bringing recognition to the place.

  • New York’s Finest Pinoys – Pinoy Hip-Hop collective representing the 5 boroughs.

  • Q-York – Standing for “Quality Yields Our Richest Key”, the Queens based hip-hop production group is composed of DJ / producer Flava Matikz and MC / songwriter Known Lazarus. Now based in Manila, producing tracks for various Pinoy Rap artists / groups.