Disciples From The Temple

Disciples From The Temple

Based in: Metro Manila, Dubai UAE

Language(s): Tagalog, English

Style(s): Street, Dirty Rap

Status: Semi-active



  • Twisted Tongue
  • Yella Fella
  • Boo-G


D.F.T is composed of three MCs from Las PiƱas, a city in the southern part of Metro Manila. They started out with the name, Danze Floor Terrorist and independently released their first studio album titled, C-NOBA…? or Who Is It back in 1995.

The group then joined Dongalo Wreckords back in 1996 and changed their name to Dirty Fuckin Teenagers. At the same time, recorded tracks for various compilation albums and released their 1997 second studio album, Sabihin Mo Sa Ate… or Say It To Your Sister.

Two years after the release of their second album, D.F.T shifted to a more Christian theme and with collaboration from Locotes Prodution, changed their name to Disciples From The Temple and released their third studio album, The 2nd Coming back in 1999.

D.F.T. parted ways back the early 2000s especially with Twisted Tongue leaving The Philippines to work in an advertising firm in Dubai. But the group briefly reunited and did a reunion tour back in 2019.

Overall, D.F.T. remains to be one of the most notable groups in Pinoy Hip-Hop.