Based in: Metro Manila (Quezon City)

Alias: Markie D., Darmo Kandado

Language(s): Tagalog

Style(s): Mainstream, Masa / Novelty, Boombap, Street

Status: Active

Affiliation: New Jack Brotherhood, Blind Rhyme Entertainment, Circulo Pugantes


Denmark (also known as Markie D.) is one of the earliest rap artists in The Philippines and was known through the hit track “Louningning” released back in 1991.

Inspired by the hit film New Jack City and The New Jack Swing sound, he then formed The New Jack Brotherhood and released his 2nd album, Brownout in which Reggae, East Coast Hip-Hop and New Jack Swing were fused.

After the release of his 2nd album, Denmark became absent in the Pinoy Rap industry and concentrated in his job working in finance.

Several years later, he quit his job and went back from what he does best, create good quality Pinoy Rap music. From there, Denmark released his third and major comeback album, Blind Rhyme.

Other than the album, Denmark also created his own independent label under the same name and has produced new generations of Pinoy Rap artists.