BB Clan

BB Clan

Based in: Metro Manila

Language(s): Tagalog

Style(s): Boombap, Street

Status: Semi-active

Affiliation: Madd World Entertainment, Circulo Pugantes


  • Simon Bustamante
  • Berting Bertud aka. Kemikal Ali
  • Cris Acero


Back 2 Birth Clan or BB Clan was one of the first Pinoy Rap groups signed to Dongalo Wreckords. Under the label, they released their first studio album, Mabanges back in 1997. The group then left Dongalo Wreckords back in 1999 and became part of Recognize Loob at Labas, a Pinoy Rap compilation album produced by Vibestation Entertainment.

BB Clan then changed their name to Bonafied Bastards, became part of Madd World Entertainment and released their second studio album, Bonafied Bastards back in 2002.

The group was originally composed of MCs, Simon Bustamante and Berting Bertud aka. Kemikal Ali. The two were originally contestants back in 1995 at a freestyle rap competition, held by Andrew E’s Drive By show at DM 95.5 FM. The two were later on joined by fellow Madd World artist, Cris Acero a decade after.

They specialized in a hard “boombap” sound with “urban” themes.