4 East Flava

4 East Flava

Based in: Metro Manila

Language(s): Tagalog, English

Style(s): Street

Status: Semi-active

Affiliation: Butta Flava Entertainment, Flava Unit


  • Honeyluv
  • Mack
  • Gazelle
  • Layzie Fu
  • The Mythical Stentor
  • MC Shorty
  • Prince
  • DJ Mec
  • DJ Edge


A Pinoy Hip-Hop collective composed of MCs, Honeyluv, Mack, MC Shorty and Prince plus DJs Mec and Edge.

The group was highly active back in the 1990s and known for their hit track, “Check Da Hood” and is part of their first studio album, Too Much Flava released back in 1994 under Polycosmic Records.

They disbanded back in the 1999 but both Honeyluv and Mack retained the name and continued to be active in The Pinoy Hip-Hop Scene. They also formed Butta Flava Entertainment, producing a new generation of both local hip-hop and r&b artists and groups.