Album Review: Mobbstarrr – Mobbstarr

Album Review

(written and reviewed back in 10/20/2004 under PINOYRAP.COM)

Title: Mobbstarr

Artist: Dice & K9 – Mobbstarr

Year: 2004

Label: Warner Music Philippines

By Webmasta

This is actually the first nationwide commercial release from the group Mobbstarr. Originally known as Anthill Mobb, they were the first known pinoy rap group in Cebu and is a great influence in the Cebuano hip-hop scene. Though the group had several local and underground releases, this album introduces Mobbstarr to mainstream nationally.

A review of the tracks

There are a total of twelve tracks in Mobbstarr. All are english rap tracks with tagalog in some chorus. There are also one bonus track and one remix track.

Several tracks in the album are about love, relationship and friendship especially in the tracks “Your Alibis”, “Bestfriends”, “Itsumo”, “That Old Feeling” and “De Ja Vu”. Others are club tracks like “Contajuz”, “Good Wayz”, and “Shake”. The tracks are ok in quality but most lyrical delivery needs improvement.

There are freestyle like tracks like “2 Da Beat Yo!”. The track’s lyrics are ok but lack the flow and delivery. “Whoa!” is better freestyle track but shows lack of originality in some of the lyrical styles.

The only serious track I found in this album is “Vaporz” which is about crab mentality. This is also my favorite track in the album despite some biting in the lyrics especially from Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five.

There are alot of downsides in the tracks especially in biting. Several tracks shows signs of biting of lyrics, styles and flow from rappers like Rakim and Snoop Doggy Dogg. This is evident in tracks like “Whoa!” “Vaporz” “That Old Feeling” and “Shake”.

The strongest tracks in the album are the hit tracks “Vaporz” followed by “Bestfriends”, “That Old Feeling”, “Shake” and “Itsumo” (1Nightstand Remix). This is the only tracks that show some quality.


This album is just one of those lousy attempts in entering the mainstream market. Though they got skills and have earned respect in creating hit tracks like “Itsumo” and “Bestfriends”, the group unfortunately lack cultural identity especially lack of pride in showing I’m a Cebuano rapper. I think this group would be better off if they rap in the cebuano dialect whether underground or mainstream. If Mobbstarr can create japanese influenced hit tracks, how about creating one that represents their culture. But despite of that, the album is ok with several bouncing tracks. But the album needs improvement especially on the quality and originality of the tracks. If the original style of Anthill Mobb is revived or groups like Brownian Method would still rap in the industry with their hard cebuano dialect, Cebu rap can still be well represented.


  • bouncing and melodic tracks
  • beats are ok
  • lyrical flow is average
  • positive vibes

  • lack of cultural identity
  • english tracks
  • lyrical delivery needs improvement
  • signs of accent in some english tracks especially K-9
  • similar subject matter
  • strong evidence of biting in lyrics and style
  • lack of originality in styles

Favorite track: “Vaporz”

Least Favorite track: “Shake”

Overall Review: 3.5/5