Site Info


This is an English language site that introduce, provides information and promotes Pinoy Hip-Hop music and culture online.

How it started (1996-2001)

The original project started back in 1996 as Flip-Hop Online (click here to see how the site looked like back in the days) and it became the first website to cover Hip-Hop music and culture in The Philippines. Flip-Hop Online was originally hosted under Geocities and then later was part of

The site included a database containing info on various Pinoy Rap artists and groups plus resources related to The Pinoy Hip-Hop scene.

Unfortunately a few years being online with, Flip-Hop Online became inactive back in 2001 due to hosting problems and costs. But the site was later revived back in 2004, adapting the domain name and title, PINOYRAP.COM.

PINOYRAP.COM (2004-2008)

Under PINOYRAP.COM, the site grew further in popularity and further expanded the artist database. It also added more content such as album reviews, self-written articles and perspective on The Pinoy Hip-Hop scene and more.

But the main showcase of PINOYRAP.COM other than the artist database is the interactive forum. Named The Pinoy Rap Forum, it became a place where information and issues on Pinoy Hip-Hop culture were discussed. The Pinoy Rap Forum has created a community of Pinoy Hip-Hop heads from around the country and abroad especially during the mid 2000s.

PINOYRAP.COM became inactive back in 2008 because of costs concerning domain name renewal.

Our purpose

After over a decade of hiatus, the site is back as HIPHOP.PH and will continue to cover and document The Hip-Hop scene around The Philippines and Pinoy Hip-Hop heads abroad.

The Pinoy Hip-Hop scene is arguably the oldest and one of the most established in Asia. Plus the scene continues to evolve with new artists coming up and expressing themselves.

This is the perfect time to document Pinoy Hip-Hop and promote it to a larger audience both here in The Philippines and worldwide.

The creator

HIPHOP.PH is created by Jayo Santiago, known in the interactive community as “Webmasta”. But he’s more known in the Pinoy Graffiti scene as Flip-1 and remains of the most important graffiti writers in The Philippines.

Jayo Santiago is also the founder and principal of ELEMENTOZ, a creative studio based in Southern Metro Manila.