Album Review: Pariente – Crazzzy

Album Review

(written and reviewed back in 10/13/2004 under PINOYRAP.COM)

Title: Crazzzy

Artist: Pariente

Year: 2002

Label: I.P.K – Oblaxz Music / D’Concorde

By Webmasta

Crazzzy is the second album released from the pinoy rap group Pariente. Originally known as Dugong Pasay, this group is composed by rappers, Bladpak and Joz-Anito. The group first joined Dongalo Wreckords and then went independent. Crazzzy is also Pariente’s first independent release and an improvement from the first album Restricted Area. Though improved from the first, the quality is average for pinoy rap.

A review of the tracks

There are a total of thirteen tracks in Krazzzy. All are rap tracks and are in tagalog.

Several tracks in this album are about love and relationship like “Crazzzy!”. The lyrical delivery in this track is ok but the vocals are poor and too soft. This track also sampled Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is” track in it’s chorus. Other tracks about love are “Hangang Kailan”, “Alaala”, “Kandugan” and “I’ll Throw U In D’air” which contained a sample from Kool & The Gang’s track “Cherish”.

There are also serious tracks like “Magulang” which is about parents, parenting and being a prodical son. Another is “wakangbasta”, a track about negative risk-taking, “puro pera” which is about money as a root of all evil, and “alay sa inyo”.

The album also has freestyle / all-star tracks like “Na Naman”. This track includes Madd World Entertainment rappers like B.B. Clan, Criz Azero, Chinese Mafia and Madd Poets.

The only downside are poor tracks with lousy lyrics and subject matter like “Miss, Batiin Mo Ako” and “Panahon Ng Hapon”.

One of the strongest tracks in the album is “Anghel” which is about fantasy and reality. The track had a strong lyrical delivery with mild and melodic beats. Other strong tracks are “Kandungan”, “Puro Pera”, “Na Naman” and “Alay Sa Inyo”.

Notable Quotes

At sana noon ko pa pinag-isipan; na ang bawat papasukin kong landas ay pagpilian.

Pariente – Anghel


This album has improved from the first one but still needs to improve it’s quality when it comes to good pinoy rap music. Despite of that, Crazzzy has some nice tracks.


  • Lyrical delivery is ok
  • Mild beats which are ok

  • Vocals in some tracks are both soft and weak
  • Production in some tracks are weak
  • Several tracks have lousy subject matter

Favorite track: “Puro Pera”

Least favorite track: “Panahon ng Hapon”

Overall Review: 3.5/5