Album Review: Oblaxz – Ang Testamento

Album Review

(written and reviewed back in 10/12/2004 under PINOYRAP.COM)

Title: Ang Testamento

Artist: Oblaxz

Year: 1998

Label: I.P.K – Oblaxz Music / D’Concorde

By Webmasta

The second album of the pinoy rap group Oblaxz. Originally one of Dongalo Wreckords’ first roster of artists, the group left the label and with label-mate I.P.K, formed an independent record company. Ang Testamento is the first album released by Oblaxz as an independent label. To me, this is the most hardcore of all the Oblaxz albums and also one of their most serious.

A review of the tracks

There are a total of fourteen tracks in Ang Testamento. Nine are rap tracks while the rest are skits. The tracks are all in tagalog with some english like the track “Ang Testamento”.

Most of the tracks in this album dealt with serious subject matters. Tracks like “Karahasan” and “Immoral” dealt with social problems and crime. Other tracks like “Puwersado !”, “Buwitre” and “Mas Matimbang Sa Dugo” dealt with the bad elements of society while tracks like “Suwail” and “Sa Ngalan Ng Ama” dealt with sin and forgiveness.

There is also the freestyle / all-star track of “Ang Testamento” in which the album is named. This track featured guest rappers Dugong Ponebre, 2 High, Hi-Jakkk, Gloc-9, Itim Pero Kayumangi and guest Dj.s like Dj. Coki.

The beats in this album are pure combination of hardcore, goth style and avant-garde. Some noted beats are the tracks “Karahasan”, “Buwitre” and of course “Ang Testamento”. The only flaw is in the track “Puwersado !” where the beat is continious without any cuts.

The strongest and most important track in the album is “Dugo sa Putikan” which is about the salvaging of suspected criminals by few law enforcements. This method is also illegal in The Philippines but the problem still continues and most victims are usually felony suspects. This track also showed strong lyrical delivery and hardcore street style beats from Dj. Radikal M.K. of Death Threat.


Notable Quotes

“Kung hindi, kayo ay nag kamali; Gusto ko dumapa pero “Ginagawang abo ang buhay na mula sa taas; Yan ba matatawag na taga pagtupad ng batas; Nang Hudas; Buhay kinakatas; Nang mga ibang pagsamantala sa kanilang mga armas”

Oblaxz – Dugo Sa Putikan

“Maging pelikula o mapa sa musika; Nagkalat ang buwitre sa industriya”

Oblaxz – Buwitre

“Sa krus ng kalbayog doon mo binubuhos ang sala namin; Palugitan mo ako ng awa mo, sa ngalan na ama Panginoon Hesu Kristo”

Oblaxz – Sa Ngalan Ng Ama


Ang Testamento may be underrated but this is one of the dopest pinoy rap albums ever created. The serious subject matter with hard, avant-garde beats and strong lyrical flow proves why this is the best album coming from this group.


  • Hardcore avant-garde beats
  • Strong lyrical delivery from K-Ozz
  • Serious subject matter

  • Some beats are continious with no cuts
  • Too many skits

Favorite track: “Sa Ngalan Ng Ama”

Least favorite track: “Puwersado”

Overall Review: 5/5