Album Review: Genezide – Kasalanan

Album Review

(written and reviewed back in 10/14/2004 under PINOYRAP.COM)

Title: Kasalanan

Artist: Genezide

Year: 1999

Label: Epic / Sony

By Webmasta

Kasalanan is the first independent album released by Genezide. One of the original members of Death Threat, this album is an example of pure pinoy rap excellence. The tracks are excellent with hard space-like beats, serious subject matter, strong delivery and are mostly related to the album’s main subject, sin. This album also brought in a different kind of pinoy rap when it was launched a year before the turn of the century.

A review of the tracks

There are a total of ten tracks in Kasalanan. All tracks are pure pinoy rap with no skits. The language in this album is also straight tagalog with some english on the freestyle tracks.

  1. “Spacetrip”: The first track in the album. This track is all about getting high. But the way Genezide expressed his subject matter is excellent with the use of a space trip in expressing the feelings of being high. The tracks also had a strong lyrical delivery, space-like beats with a piano feel to it and a very catchy chorus.

  2.  “Lyrikal”: A freestyle track showing perfect examples of hard lyrical flow and turntablism skills. In fact this is also one of my favorite tracks in this album. The track is also supported by guest rapper Ali of B.B. Clan and space-like beats from DJ. Radikal M.K. of Death Threat.

  3. “Aso”: An interesting track about dogs. In this track, Genezide raps about dogs (particularly a street dog) and their happiness and advantages in life compared to human beings. He also rapped about him wanting to be a dog and live their life. Hard beats and lyrical delivery support this track.

  4. “Walang Wenta”: Honestly I like this track. This track is about a broken relationship and the pain and love Genezide felt for his partner. The track is also a perfect in using Rex Smith’s “Simply Jessie” track for sampling and is a better version compared to Pamilya Dimagiba’s “Paradise Found” track. Last, the end of the track is also interesting in which Genezide expressed death to his partner.

  5. “Kickin’ Lyrics”: A freestyle track featuring Real Deal Entertainment artists like Apokalipsis, Death Threat and Gloc-9. This track also contained explicit subject matter and hard beats.

  6. “Pera”: A strong track about money as a root of all evil. In this track, Genezide rapped about different examples like corruption and being used by others. This track also has strong delivery, hard beats and features Gloc-9 in the chorus.

  7. “Kapit Sa Patalim”: One of the strongest and most serious track in this album. The track is about people who go through bad elements as a way of surviving and making a living. Strong lyrics and beats also support this serious track.

  8. “Talangka”: A fast track about crab mentality. Actually this is also one of my favorite tracks in the album. The lyrical flow is rapid and is also supported by the track’s beats. The track also featured pinoy rap group Apokalipsis which also provide support on the quickness of the track.

  9. “Kasalanan”: This is actually my favorite track in the album. This track is expression on sin, mainly from Genezide. This track has guitar-like beats and mild delivery.

  10. “Death Threat” The final track from the album. This is a freestyle track also featuring Real Deal Entertainment artists. Hard beats, delivery and guitar samples support this track.

Notable Quotes

“Pero kung ako’y aso na gusto todasin ang ipak to; Sisiguradoin ko makakagat ko sya ng todo”

Genezide – Aso

“Dehin ako tumangi syet alam nyo kung bakit; Dahil walang pangit pangit sa titing galit”

Genezide – Kickin’ Lyrics

“Masarap gumawa ng iligal pare; Pero marami nasasabi sa huli ang pasisisi”

Genezide – Kasalanan


This album is a masterpiece in pinoy rap. Its space-like beats, strong lyrical delivery and subject matters related to sin gives this album a very unique approach compared to most pinoy rap albums coming out. Genezide’s Kasalanan is truly one of pinoy rap’s most important albums.


  • Hardcore space-like beats
  • Strong subject matter
  • Strong lyrical flow and delivery
  • All tracks are pure pinoy rap music, no skits.

  • Explicit subject matter in some tracks

Favorite track: “Kasalanan”

Least favorite track: “Death Threat”

Overall Review: 5/5