Album Review: Denmark – Blind Rhyme

Album Review

(written and reviewed back in 9/20/2004 under PINOYRAP.COM)

Title: Blind Rhyme

Artist: Denmark

Year: 2004

Label: BMG

By Webmasta

Blind Rhyme is the third and latest album released by Denmark, one of the earliest Pinoy rap artists. It was released in 2004 under BMG Records. In my own point of view, this is Denmark’s best album to date. Here, he deals with different subjects from serious issues, lyrical styles / flow, hit songs and life. One of the significant aspects of the album is the revival of the hit track “Louningning” which launched Denmark’s rap career in 1991. A bonus to this is a new track called “Anak Ni Louningning” (Daughter of Louningning) which is a sequel to the hit track. This track is a mixture of popular American 50’s pop music, “Tribe Called Quest” like beats and a catchy storyline and chorus. The album also included some of the most popular early Pinoy rap artists like Francis M. and Michael V. and also featured artists from Madd World Entertainment like Madd Poets, B.B. Clan, Klutch B of Chinese Mafia and more. The album is produced by Lowkey Da Boy Wonder. In all, this is another pinoy rap classic and deserves the “RED” blaster.

A review of the tracks

There were a total of twenty tracks in Blind Rhyme. 16 are rap tracks while the rest are skits. The album is also primarily tagalog lyrics.

  1. “You Came Back (Intro Skit)”: Skit.

  2.  “Simulan Na Ang Pamamaslang”: This track has one main message, after being absent in Pinoy rap scene for years, Denmark is back and he’s going to prove that he’s still one of Pinoy rap’s finest. Beat samples are influenced by 1970s boxing themed movies which supported Denmark’s come-back. The track is also supported by pinoy rap artists like Klutch B. of Chinese Mafia and Kemikal Ali. It is also supported by female vocalists like Gia Lacson.
  3. “Takbo !!”: This is one of the album’s best tracks. “Takbo !!” proves the ability of quicked tongued Pinoy rappers especially in Tagalog. The track has fast lyrics, intense suspense beats and featured popular Pinoy rap artists like Gloc-9 and Mista Blaze. Denmark was also one of the first Pinoy rap artists with a quick flow and in this track, he proves that he still has that ability.

  4. “Bwakanaaa…”: Another fast track with one message, after being absent for years, Denmark returns as a more versatile rapper. In this track, Denmark raps about challenging other rappers to see if they can match his skills. The beats and scratches by Dj. Kimozave also supported Denmark’s intense flow. This track again proves Denmark’s skills when it comes to fast rap music.

  5. “Gitnang Daliri (Intro)”: Skit.

  6. “Gitnang Daliri”: A serious track. This track is about Denmark’s feelings towards corruption and hyprocrasy. Mostly powerful or influential persons like politicians, businessmen, religious leaders, etc. Denmark, in this track express his frustration by giving them the middle finger. The delivery of this track is very strong and is supported with hardcore beats and scratches from Dj. Kimozave.

  7. “Tanging Paraan”: Another serious track. Denmark in this track raps about teenage prostitution. He rapped about his experience of encountering a 18 year old prostitute and learning her tragic life. A message given through this track is the reality of many Filipina teenagers who worked as prostitutes and experienced hardships in life. The track is also supported by mild beats and Mista Blaze, who sang the chorus.

  8. “Wag Ka Nang Pumantot”: A third serious track. This track is about negligence and people who unneccesarily get involved in other’s situations. The message in this track is for people not to get involved in situations that they shouldn’t get involved in. This is an interesting track and Denmark delivered it pretty well. Mild beats and scratches by Dj. Paul also supported this track.

  9. “Skit (Message 1)”: A message from Michael V..

  10. “Skit (Message 2)”: A message from Francis M..

  11. “Baknthaday”: Though a freestyle, this track is one of the most important in this album or even in pinoy rap. This track featured some of the earliest and most important in pinoy rap like Francis M. and Michael V. In fact the most important is having Michael V. in this track. Michael V., who’s also absent for years returns to rap and proves he’s still a versatile rapper. This is a nice track with mild beats and scratches from Dj. Kimozave

  12. Si Luningning”: The is a revival of Denmark’s track “Louningning”, which launched his career in the pinoy rap industry. It is still “Louningning” with a some subtle differences. The only difference between this version and the original are the modified beats and some changes on the lyrics. The track is about Denmark’s encounter with a sexy woman named Luningning. With a message of dishonest women and dating cautions, this track is nice to listen to and gives the album a relaxing mood. This track, though revised is still a pinoy rap classic.

  13. “Anak Ni Luningning”: Another nice track and soon to be a hit. What a nice way to do it by creating a sequel from the hit track “Louningning”. In this track, Denmark rapped about encountering Luninning’s daughter at a club and how she strongly related to her mother’s personality and character. The track is supported with a Tribe Called Quest like beats and a catchy chrous by female vocalists, Cymie Contreras and Annie Quintos Uy. Truly, this is a great and strong track to listen to.

  14. “If You See Kaye”: Alot of people thought this was an uncessary track. To me it’s different. I call this a “chill track”. After hearing several serious or intense tracks, you need to relax a bit and this track just helps you chill. In this track, Denmark’s raps about meeting a girl named Kaye and expresses her attraction. The beats and flow are mild and resembles some old school pinoy rap from the early 90s. The track is also supported by Dj. Kimozave.

  15. “Meat Lover”: Another chill track. You need two of them since most of the album’s tracks are intense and serious. This track is about Denmark meeting a girl named Diana. The beats and flow are also mild and the track expresses some sexual content. Gia Lacson provides the female vocals in this track while Dj. Kimozave provides some scratches.

  16. “Meron Ba ?”: A freestyle track. Featuring the Cirkulo Pugantes, Cris Azero, Kikkong Kalyo Kilabot Ng Kalentong and Darmo Kandado, this track is about skills and respect. A nice track with street-style beats, hard lyrical flow and scratches from Dj. Arbie Won of Urban Flow.

  17. “Left 2 Right”: Another freestyle track. Featuring the Cirkulo Pugantes, this is a fine track with crusing style beats, strong lyrical flow and features scratches from Dj. Kimozave.

  18. “Walang Hip Hop sa Pinas?”: This track is against a well known pinoy rapper who stated, “There is no such thing as Philippine hip hop, only Philippine rap”. Featuring the Cirkulo Pugantes, the track features underground street beats and mild lyrical flows. A fine track with a message of hip-hop culture in The Philippines.

  19. “Traidor !!”: A very serious track. To me, this is the most powerful track in this album. In this track, Denmark raps about hardships and conflicts he and his office-mates faced when they were working for their former company and with their former employers. With a strong message of corruption and office politics, this track features intense beats, strong lyrical delivery and a strong expression.

  20. “Asukal Sa Mundong Mapaet”: The final track in the album. Denmark ends the album with a track dedicated to a special person, his wife Rosanne. In this track, Denmark raps about his feelings for his wife and how much he loves her. A strong message of being a true person and a husband, this track is touching with nice beats and smooth delivery. The perfect way to end an album is with a special dedication.

Notable Quotes

“Kung hindi, kayo ay nag kamali; Gusto ko dumapa pero hindi ka pa tuli”

Denmark – Bwakanaaa…

“Patay, kaya pala mahilig sa dilim; Mana-mana sa kanyang ina na gumigiling”

Denmark – Anak Ni Luningning

“Pwede kang maglaway sa ingit mamatay; Ako binabayaran para lamang mag ingay”

Denmark – Left 2 Right


With excellent tracks, fine beats, production, delivery, creativity and expression, Blind Rhyme is a Pinoy rap classic. This album is Denmark’s finest and is a perfect example of what pinoy rap should be, REAL! And with Blind Rhyme, Denmark proves that he’s still one the most versatile and respected rappers in The Philippines.


  • Excellent production, tracks and layout
  • Powerful lyrical delivery
  • Supported by some of the big names in pinoy rap
  • Revival of hit track “Louningning” and a new sequel track
  • Serious lyrics and subject matter
  • Well balanced album. Album is mixed with serious, fast, popular and freestyle tracks

  • Too much profanity in the lyrics
  • Some sexual content
  • Too many skits

Favorite track: “Baknthaday”

Least favorite track: “If You See Kaye”

Overall Review: 5/5