Album Reviews

Album Reviews

Welcome to Album Reviews! Since 1997 when Flip-Hop Online following by PINOYRAP.COM were well, still online, The Webmasta has reviewed many various Pinoy Rap albums and were given the grade.

And through HIPHOP.PH, the tradition still continues but this time, the grading category has slightly changed.

New ratings

Back then, albums reviewed were given the score from 1 to 5 with “5” being the highest (click here to see our Pinoy Hip-Hop Hall of Fame of “5” rated albums). The score of “3” is the passing and acceptable grade.

But with HIPHOP.PH, a “.5” for albums rated 3 and above so to make such reviews more balanced. Here is the new rating,

5 – A Pinoy Hip-Hop masterpiece, napaka iconic pang soundtrip!
4.5 – Supreme! Mataas ang level!
4 – Strong, as in malakas ang dating!
3.5 – Good! Maganda pakinggan.
3 – Average! Ok na, pwede na!
2 – Needs improvement! Kailangan pa ayusin!
1 – Wack as in WALANG KWENTA!

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