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Articles: It’s PINOY HIP-HOP not OPM Hip-Hop!


It’s PINOY HIP-HOP not OPM Hip-Hop!

Written by Webmasta! (6/16/2021)

While such isn’t a big deal for The Pinoy Hip-Hop community as a whole, I’ve always have issue with this term especially when promoting our country’s hip-hop in the global scene.

And there are many hip-hop heads around the country who prefer using the term, OPM Hip-Hop / OPM Rap instead of Pinoy Hip-Hop / Pinoy Rap or Filipino Hip-Hop / Filipino Rap when describing hip-hop music and culture in The Philippines.

Most if not all Filipinos know that OPM stands for Original Pilipino Music. And OPM Hip-Hop is short of Original Pinoy Music Hip-Hop. But again, try to describe that to a non-Filipino and you will get response such as, “what the fuck is OPM?”

That’s why I still prefer the term, Pinoy Hip-Hop or Filipino Hip-Hop as the people of The Philippines are called Filipinos and that the colloquial term for Filipino is Pinoy. Hip-Hop is a street / urban culture so Pinoy Hip-Hop is a more suitable and acceptable.