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“VACASHONISTA” – Kruzzada feat. Jawtee

VACASHONISTA” – Kruzzada feat. Jawtee

Kruzzada, one of the most respected Pinoy Rap groups under Dongalo Wreckords is back with this new music video featuring Jawtee!

Titled “VACASHONISTA”, the track was arranged by ALMIGHTY KG while the music video was directed by Andrew E. himself and was filmed in Boracay. And is brought to you by Sam Verzosa of SV Clothing.

Both the track and video itself is a complete contrast from the hardcore / gangsta style of Pinoy Rap, Kruzzada was originally known for. And this one reminds me of Salbakuta’s track, “Selfie” in which Jawtee was also part off.

Overall, Kruzzada still delivered and it’s a pleasant track to listen to.