Stick Figgas

Stick Figgas

Based in: Metro Manila

Language(s): Tagalog

Style(s): Conscious

Status: Semi-Active

Affiliation: Team Star, Red Egg Records, 6000 Goonz


  • Loonie
  • Xplicit (Ron Henley)
  • Xquisite
  • Tuff
  • Kannabis


Stick Figgas was formed back in 2001 and was originally composed of four high school students, MCs Loonie, Xplicit, Turf and Kannabis, the latter being semi-active to the group.

They were first known as one of the contestants in Rappublic of The Philippines, a Pinoy Rap competition held in popular noontime variety show, Eat Bulaga and hosted by The Late King of Pinoy Rap, Francis M.. The group made the grand finals but lost to Koponan Ni Batute.

But despite not getting the championship, Stick Figgas was chosen to become part of the Rappublic of The Philippines compilation album, which included most of its contestants and from there, launch a professional career in The Pinoy Rap scene. In addition, they were part of the album’s promotion and both toured and performed around the country.

The group included a new member, female r&b singer, Xquisite while members Tuff and Kannabis became inactive as they concentrated in their studies. They recorded several tracks and were aired in various popular radio stations around Metro Manila. Plus, were active in various hip-hop related gigs and events around the country.

Stick Figgas eventually released their 2007 studio album, Critical Condition under Red Egg Records and with production from 6000 Goonz. During that time, the group was performing as a duo and with the absence of Xquisite. They also adapted conscious lyrics and subject matter to their music as the group was mentored by Francis M. himself.

Both Loonie and Xplicit pursued individual careers the years to follow with Loonie competing and dominating in Flip-Top, the biggest freestyle rap battle in The Philippines while Xplicit went to using his actual name, Ron Henley and continued to release new material with “Bilang Liko” as his most notable.

The two reunited again and released their second studio album, “Realistik” back in 2018. At the same time, expanded their musical style by inviting various singers and musicians of other genres such as female vocalist, Kat Agarrado of both Passage and SinoSiKat, JC Sebastian on lead guitar and also the group’s arranger and engineer, Macky Brillantes of Motherbasss on drums, and Nikki Cabardo, a former member Freestyle on keyboards. In addition are two members of the band, Queso such as Tuts Calinawan on bass guitar and Bboy Garcia on turntables. And while their second album contains elements of other musical genres such as rock, the group still retained most of its hip-hop element.

As with recent times, both Loonie and Ron Henley continue to remain active in The Pinoy Hip-Hop scene but more representing themselves. Nevertheless, Stick Figgas still remains one of the most formidable groups since the early 2000s.