Based in: Metro Manila

Language(s): Tagalog, English

Style(s): Mainstream, Spoken Word

Status: Inactive



  • Martin “Bronx” Magalona
  • Ronski J.
  • Brother BM


Rapasia is one of the first rap groups in The Philippines.

Composed of MCs, Brother BM, Ronski J. and Francis Magalona’s younger brother, Martin “Bronx” Magalona, they were the finalists and winners of Power Jam, a Pinoy Rap competition held back in 1990 and was hosted by Andrew E..

It led to the formation of Rapasia and a year later, released their self titled debut album under Viva Records.

The group blends Tagalog, English and Chavacano languages in their music and became known through the Santana / Mellow Man Ace inspired track, “Hoy Tsismosa”.

They followed up with their second studio album, Rapasia 2 released a year later under the same label. It contained various hit tracks from “Do It Right” to “Searchin’ For Love”.

Rapasia remained active in The Pinoy Rap scene during the early 90s. Much of the group’s members have immigrated to The United States and have retired from the scene. But nevertheless still represent the group in occasional hip-hop gigs.