Based in: Metro Manila (Makati)

Language(s): Tagalog

Style(s): Masa / Novelty, Dirty Rap

Status: Inactive

Affiliation: Playgirls, Playroom Entertainment


Juan Michael Vincent Tupaz or more known as Quickie is known for “dual definition” lyrics and naughty, “playa-like” subject matter especially with women.

Tupaz discovered hip-hop culture while he was growing up as a teenager in San Francisco. He returned to Manila and entered the scene as part of the Pinoy Rap duo, Flipz. And as Mic Checka, he was also part of the supergroup, K-9 Killaz which was formed to counter the dominance of another supergroup, The Ghetto Doggs.

Years after, Tupaz changed his style and adapted “naughty” themes in his lyrics and subject matter, plus changing his name to Quickie which is the slang term used to describe a quick sexual intercourse.

Under this name, he released several studio albums on different record labels plus manages Playgirls, a Filipina “pop-girl” group and is The CEO of Playroom Entertainment.