Based in: Metro Manila (Pasay)

Language(s): Tagalog

Style(s): Masa / Novelty

Status: Semi-active

Affiliation: Brodahs League Music


  • Bladpacc
  • Joz Anito
  • MakkkJ


This Pinoy Rap duo has been active in the scene since the early 1990s. They were originally called Rapiboys and was composed of three MCs, the brothers Joel and Abel Lamberte plus Russell Abregante who was the youngest known rapper in The Philippines that time. The group were known for their hit track, “Yan Ang Bata” and was released as a single back in 1991.

Abregante became less active in The Pinoy Hip-Hop scene and focused on school, while The Lamberte Brothers remained active throughout the mid 1990s and competed at the first Pinoy Rap competition held by the popular local hip-hop TV show, Rap-13 and won.

Andrew E. who was the founder and host of Rap-13, connected with Lamberte Brothers and signed them to Dongalo Wreckords plus gave them a new group name, Dugong Pasay as the two grew up in that part of Metro Manila. As Dugong Pasay, The Lamberte Brothers released their first studio album, Restricted Area back in 1999. They also briefly included one more member to their group, Jeffrey Ledesma aka. MakkkJ.

The group left Dongalo Wreckords back in the early 2000s for unknown reasons but without any issues. MakkkJ decided to leave The Pinoy Rap scene while The Lamberte Brothers went their own path but decided to no longer use the name, Dugong Pasay as respect to Andrew E. who gave them that name. They changed their group name to Pariente and under Harmony Music released their second studio album, Crazzzy back in 2002.

The Lamberte Brothers continues to create music from time to time and their presence in The Pinoy Hip-Hop Scene is still felt by many who support and appreciate the group.


Studio Albums