Pamilia Dimagiba

Pamilia Dimagiba

Based in: Metro Manila

Language(s): Tagalog, English

Style(s): Underground, Conscious

Status: Active

Affiliation: Third Eye Infantry


  • The 8th Messenger
  • Dilemma
  • KD the Encyclopedik
  • Mad Frick
  • Murder-1
  • Shadowblyde
  • Spoon
  • Young Galaxy
  • DJ Arbie Won


Pamilia Dimagiba is a Pinoy Hip-Hop collective composed of MCs, 8th Messenger, Spoon, Shadowblyde and Murder 1 from Khan’s Assassins, Mad Frick, KD the Encyclopedik and Young Galaxy of Iron Triangle. Plus DJ Arbie Won who provides scratches, beats and production.

The group was first founded by both, The 8th Messenger and Spoon who were neighbors and childhood friends. While the two were studying in Centro Eskolar University, then met DJ Arbie Won who was also in the same college and connected. From there, they met other rap groups such as Khan’s Assasins and Iron Triangle and formed Pamilia Dimagiba back in 1997. The group was first heard in Urban Flow’s 2nd album Ghetto Celebs and later on released an underground album called Broke-N-Unsigned. The album, though underground gained attention especially to the Pinoy Rap underground community. After the first release, many Pinoy Rap artists and groups such as El Latino, Legit Misfitz, Fung Zoi, D.F.T. and of course, Urban Flow have collaborated with the group.

After Broke-N-Unsigned, Pamilia Dimagiba released another underground album called Dra Manila back in 2000 and established them as legitimate hip-hop crew. They also recorded tracks for various Pinoy Hip-Hop compilations albums such as Rekognize Loob @ Labas and United Freestyles Vol.2.

The group is known for hard lyrics, serious subject matter and hard beats fused with traditinal Philippine folk music.