Based in: Metro Manila

Language(s): Tagalog

Style(s): Hardcore, Avant Garde, Spoken Word

Status: Active

Affiliation: I.P.K / Oblaxz Music


  • K-Ozz
  • Uno
  • Dukke
  • Kain
  • Kilabot
  • Rhyme Playa


Oblaxz is one of Dongalo Wreckords’ first group of artists and is known for it’s hardcore, goth and avant-garde style of Pinoy Rap. In fact, the group was the first to release a studio album under the said label titled, Bisyo Ng Demonyo back in 1996. After leaving Dongalo Wreckords, the group formed I.P.K / Oblaxz Music with fellow rap group, Itim Pero Kayumanggi.

Since 2020, the group has merged with Itim Pero Kayumanggi to form Oblaxz-One.