The Way of The Plann


Title: The Way of The Plann

Artist: Mastaplann

Label: Universal Records Philippines

Year: 1994

Type: Long Play

Format: Cassette, CD, Digital

Language(s): English

Track List

  1. Check your Bass
  2. Rollin’ in tha Ride
  3. New Ride (skit)
  4. IRIE
  5. DJ Ouch (KBUD FM) (skit)
  6. The Way of tha Plann
  7. Ho Check (skit)
  8. Party daze
  9. Da Metro (skit)
  10. Its the Masta Plann
  11. Deemcey’s Funky Flow (skit)
  12. Funky Beat Flow
  13. No Hip Hop in this Club (skit)
  14. True Asiatik
  15. Bootlegggerr (skit)
  16. In Effect
  17. On the Spot (shout outz)