Legit Misfitz

Legit Misfitz

Based in: Metro Manila (Quezon City)

Language(s): Tagalog, English

Style(s): Boombap, Street

Status: Active

Affiliation: Vibestation Entertainment, Phunky Juan Entertainment


  • Jhego aka. Felix Bakat
  • MC Dash aka. Mighty Joe Young


Legit Misfitz is composed of Filipino-Canadian, Carlito “Dash” Calzado also known as “Mighty Joe Young” and Manila based, “Jhego” Catabay also known as “Felix Bakat”. The latter was a hip-hop dancer and former member of the popular pop-rap group, Boom now known as Kulay.

The group is known for their positive vibe of street style Pinoy Rap while dealing with various social issues concerning The Philippines. They are also known for their lyrical skills and creative punchlines.

With production from Boom Dayupay, the group released their debut studio album, Sons of Flip Hop back in 1994 under Octoarts Records. It scored several hit tracks such as “Jabongga” (for which the group became known for), “Air Chinelas” and “Trapik”. The album introduced the group to the mainstream and was well received by its listeners.

Under Octoarts Records, the group released two more albums, Ekis Pinoy (Bahala Na Generation) back in 1996 and a year later, Balik sa Lumang Eskwela. Their second album contained the hit track, “Lotto” while the latter contained the posse cut, “Vibestation Vol.1″. The track was produced by Boom Dayupay for his newly established, Vibestation Entertainment and featured various Pinoy Rap artists / groups from different crews such as Johnny Krush of The Tru Asiatik Tribe and Bad Burn.

Despite being affiliated with Vibestation Entertainment, the group formed their own music production, Phunky Juan Entertainment back in 2001.

Under Phunky Juan Entertainment and Galaxy Records, Legit Misfitz released their fourth studio album, 100 Porsyento back in 2002. And while they kept their original style of rapping, the group adapted boombap beats. The album also featured various Pinoy Rap artists / groups as guest rappers, especially those from Madd World Entertainment.

After the released of their fourth album, the group split up and pursued their own independent hip-hop projects.

Dash, became the MC for the crew, 63 Squad which included DJs, Coki and Kimozave. The crew was active from 2002 to 2005. He also concentrated on producing and making beats for various Pinoy Rap artists / groups and worked as a DJ in the popular Metro Manila urban radio station, Wave 89.1 FM.

Jhego on the other hand, worked on various compilation albums including P-Noize Vol.1 and his solo album, Felix Bakat.

Legit Misfitz has reunited and remains highly active in The Pinoy Hip-Hop scene and continues to collaborate with some of the most prominent artists and groups of this genre.