Based in: Metro Manila (San Juan)

Language(s): Tagalog, English

Style(s): Mainstream, Street

Status: Active



  • Sketch
  • Mastershock
  • Lil’ Pupp


A Pinoy Hip-Hop group originally composed of MCs, Sketch and Lil’ Pupp plus DJ Mastershock. The group was formed by Sketch who grew up in The US and returned to Manila back in 1994. He would hangout in SM Megamall, a popular gathering place for Pinoy Hip-hop heads back in the 90s and is where he got the idea of forming H-Bom.

The group originally presented a hardcore / gangsta persona especially with the release of their “self-titled”, debut album back in 1995 under Neo Records. Their first album contained the hit tracks, “Misteryoza” and “Kabataan” which the latter was featured in the 1996 Pinoy action flick, Madaling Mamatay Mahirap Mabuhay starring Ronnie Rickets.

After the release of their first album, both DJ Mastershock and Lil’ Pupp became less active while Sketch went solo but still retained the name. With Sketch alone representing H-Bom, he switched to a more mainstream style and released the second album, Buhay back in 1997. The second album contained the hit track “Tindera (Sa Palengke)” which was also H-Bom’s most iconic.

Sketch released two more albums before returning to The United States back in the early 2000s. Upon his return, he more concentrated in both family and studies but occasionally participated in various hip-hop events, particularly in Las Vegas where he lives up to this day.

Recently, Sketch became active again in The Pinoy Hip-Hop Scene, still representing H-Bom and has released new material online, plus collaborated with many of today’s generation of Pinoy Rap artists and groups.