Spindicate Posse

Crews: Spindicate Posse

Years Active: 1990-1997

Affiliation: Francis M., Kanabiz


  • Francis Magalona (founder and leader)
  • Cesar Liwanag Jr. aka. Czar
  • Willie Velasquez aka. Willie Wilz
  • Archie Balance aka. Rchie
  • Ralph Aberin aka. Pong / The Bart Man
  • Ricky Chan aka. Rick
  • Margarito Villajin aka. Itoy


Founded by Francis Magalona back in 1990, Spindicate Posse served as back-up dancers during Magalona’s live performances at various gigs, television shows, events and concerts.

Its members are composed of professional dancers that specialize in either breakdancing, “street style” dancing, and “popping”.

Spindicate Posse was active during the 1990s and went into hiatus the following decade. But its members have united and performed online, while also paying tribute to The Late King of Pinoy Rap.