The early to mid 90s saw the popularity of hip-hop crews around Metro Manila and in other parts of The Philippines.

One of the earliest was Rock All Parties Crew, formed back in the late 80s by Rap Master Fordy, now known as Andrew E.. Its members include Norman B., J Smooth MC and Andy Luv MD, later on became The Bass Rhyme Posse.

Crews, tribes, posses or whatever you call them, are usually a group of friends that share a similar interest related to hip-hop and its four elements. They tend to hangout in popular related spots and participate in various hip-hop events.

Some crews have members that all share a similar element while others expressed themselves in both different and multiple elements.

Pinoy Hip-Hop Crews
  • Flava Unit
  • Funk Roots Crew
  • Ganja Tribe
  • Grand Assault Tribe
  • Hukbalahiphop
  • Illegal Crue
  • Rock All Parties Crew
  • Soulstice Crew
  • Spindicate Posse
  • Tru Asiatik Tribe