The 2nd Coming


Title: The 2nd Coming

Artist: Disciples From The Temple

Label: D’Concorde Recording Corp., Plague Musick

Year: 1999

Type: Long Play

Format: Cassette, CD

Language(s): Tagalog, English

Track List

  1. Desciples From The Temple (Intro)
  2. Buhay Ng Yagit
  3. Great Pretender
  4. Wan’t You Back (Interlude)
  5. Don’t You Forget
  6. Sex With The Ghost (Interlude)
  7. Que Sera Sera
  8. Awit para kay Inay
  9. Bigtime Syndicate
  10. 2nd Coming
  11. Living High
  12. Interview with a Vumbay (Interlude)
  13. Temple of Da King (feat. El Latino, Lady Temper, One-Tre of Third Eye Infantry
  14. Final Message Outro