Death Threat

Death Threat

Based in: Metro Manila

Language(s): Tagalog

Style(s): Hardcore, Gangsta

Status: Active

Affiliation: Real Deal Productions


  • OG Beware
  • Radikal MK
  • Konflick
  • Dyablo
  • Phat-L
  • Jo Hussle
  • Genezide
  • O-Dogg
  • Hi-Jakkk
  • Gloc-9


Arguably the pioneers of gangsta rap in The Philippines, Death Threat brought a combination of hardcore and gangsta style in Pinoy Rap, plus the first rap group in the country to use profanity in their lyrics.

The group was formed back in 1993 and was originally composed of MCs, Gerald “Genezide” Acelajado and Ronald “Beware” Salanga. The two were discovered by Andrew E. and eventually got signed to Neo Records back in 1994. They became known for their iconic hit track, “Gusto Kong Bumaet” which was one of the tracks on their commercially successful debut studio album, Death Threat – Gusto Kong Bumaet.

After the release of their first studio album, Genezide became inactive to pursue his mission of becoming a Born-Again Christian pastor. But the group added new members such as O-Dogg and Hi-Jakkk, as well as Radikal MK who became Death Threat’s official DJ.

With the new members, Death Threat released their second studio album, Wanted back in 1996. Unlike their previous album, Wanted dealt with more violent lyrics and subject matter, plus the use of profanity. The album also contained the iconic track, “Ilibing ng Buhay” which featured Pooch of Ghetto Doggs.

Beware then left for The US after the release of Wanted and handed the group’s activity to Hi-Jakkk along with its newly founded member, Gloc-9. Both Hi-Jakkk and Gloc-9 explored a darker theme and grittier subject matter through the release of their third studio album, Kings of Da Undaground back in 1997. And through Gloc-9, Death Threat adapted a rapid style of flow and delivery similar to that of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

Unfortunately, tensions were happening between Beware and both Hi-Jakkk and Gloc-9 and the latter two were removed from the group. Beware, now OG Beware became highly active again and released their fourth studio album, Death Threat IV back in 1999 under Sony Music. The group also added new members such Konflick, Dyablo and Phat-L, the three being members of The Cavite based rap group, Killing Foe Style. In addition, OG Beware founded Real Deal Productions and managed various Pinoy Rap groups such as A.P.O.K.A.L.I.P.S.I.S. and Renegade Souljaz.

Death Threat returned to Neo Records and released their 5th studio album, Still Wanted Da 2nd Chapter back in 2002. The album, contained the hit track, “Private Diane” which dealt in the internal conflict happening in Mindanao and featured The King of Pinoy Rap, Francis M., and Ely Buendia, lead vocalist of the iconic Pinoy alternative rock band, Eraserheads.

Throughout the 2000s and 2010s, Death Threat continued to release more studio albums and until today, are still working on another one. They also continue to perform in various Pinoy Hip-Hop events and added new members such as Jo Hussle.

And their longevity still puts Death Threat among one of the most important groups in Pinoy Rap and remains to be a major influence for future generations of rap artists around The Philippines.