Based in: Metro Manila

Alias: Wakin Burdado

Language(s): Tagalog

Style(s): Boombap, Street

Status: Active

Affiliation: Madd World Entertainment, Circulo Pugantes, Def Jam Philippines


Nikusheen On, or more known in Pinoy Hip-Hop as D-Coy is one of the most respected MCs in The Philippines. Also known as Wakin Burdado, he discovered hip-hop culture through breakdancing back in 1993 and after meeting Andrew E., got into MCing.

On’s career as a rap artist started back in 1995 when he became a member of Madd Poets. The group was also among the first roster of artists under Andrew E.’s newly formed label, Dongalo Wreckords. As part of Madd Poets, the group also collaborated with Chill’s Electric Chair Entertainment and released their first studio album, Ikatlong Mundo or Third World back in 1997.

Along with other members of Madd Poets as well as most of the early generation of Dongalo artists, On left the label and co-founded Madd World Entertainment. Despite being part of Madd Poets, On released solo studio albums starting with Plastic Age back in 2001 and then Wika – The Black Katipunero Album almost a decade later.

D-Coy is known for street-style lyrics and sometimes, swagger image accompanied by hard boombap beats produced by his Madd Poets partner, Lowkey Da Boy Wonder and many others. In addition, On has made several collaboration projects with some of the most prominent rap artists and groups around The Philippines.

Sadly, D-Coy passed away in October 15, 2022 due to myocordial infarction but his music and legacy lives on!


  1. Plastic Age (2001)
  2. Wika – The Black Katipunero Album (2010)