Title: Clubzilla

Artist: Andrew E.

Label: Dongalo Wreckords

Year: 2010

Type: Long Play

Format: CD, Digital

Language(s): Tagalog, English

Track List

  1. Throw Ya Hands Up”
  2. Sopistikado (feat. Madkillah of Salbakuta)
  3. DanzNow 2011 Remix (feat. Anne Jameo and Bugoy)
  4. Stand Alone
  5. Clubzilla
  6. A.N.D.R.E.W.F.O.R.D
  7. Super Power (feat. Jawtee)
  8. Clubshaker 2011 Remix
  9. Rock Diss Place (feat. Makalyrika)
  10. Keepin’ It Real (feat. Khen Magat, Supremo, Donman, Don G, Hi-Jakkk and Beware)