7 Shots of Wisdom

7 Shots of Wisdom

Based in: Metro Manila

Language(s): English

Style(s): Mainstream

Status: Active

Affiliation: Big Dogg Records, Vibestation Entertainment


  • Nathan J.
  • Pyro
  • Kim
  • Monique
  • Phillip
  • PJ
  • Mario
  • Mave


7 Shots of Wisdom is an urban musical group combining both hip-hop and r&b. Known for their “classy” style, 7 Shots of Wisdom was originally composed of MCs, Mickey “Nathan J.” Marques, Harry “Pyro” Javier, Mario Bebing and Mave Dizon, They were first called Phalanx and had an underground sound. But their style changed to a hip-hop / r&b fusion sound when singers, Phillip Mallillin and later on Kim Fabros joined the group as its members wanted to fuse a melodic style in their music.

The group was later on discovered by Boom Dayupay and signed them to his label, Vibestation Entertainment. Under both Vibestation Entertainment and BMG Pilipinas, 7 Shots of Wisdom released their first album, Lifted back in 1998 and contained the hit track, “Who’s Got The Funk”.

Years after the release of their first album, the group added new members such as r&b singers, PJ Sales and Monique Jamarillo with the latter being also skilled in rapping.

Under EMI Philippines and with production from Dan Gil of Soundminds, Juss-Rye of Sun Valley Crew, and San Francisco hip-hop icon, Paul “Pikaso” Sirate plus the management from Radha Cudrado and Mike Tinsay of Big Dogg Records, 7 Shots released their second studio album, Love + Hate. The album contained their hit track, “Tonight Your Mine” and it became one of the group’s most iconic tracks.

In addition, 7 Shots of Wisdom are very active in The Pinoy Hip-Hop Scene, often performing in various gigs and other related events. And continues to do so up to this date.