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Album Review: Third Flo’ – Man From Tundo

Album Review

Title: Man From Tundo

Artist: Third Flo’

Year: 2021

Label: 727 Entertainment

By Webmasta

The first album review under HIPHOP.PH! Man From Tundo is the second studio album from Third Flo’, released 2021 under 727 Entertainment.

This is coming from the rap artist that brought us the iconic hood track, “Territoryo” in which he raps about life and the people of his gritty Manila neighborhood, Tondo. But with his second album, Third Flo’ brought in a more “trap” style combined with some lo-fi elements. Many tracks in this album tend to have a relaxed sounding vibe despite the intense lyrics of the artist.

As with Man From Tundo, Third Flo’ expresses his dedication and passion for rap music plus his purpose of being a rap artist as with his first two tracks, “Basta Rap” and “Para sa Wala Lang”. He also express his lyrical skills over number of bars with the track, “MFT 16bars”, and gratitude with “Blessed” featuring The 727 Clique.

In addition, Third Flo’ expresses stories of hood life both his personal experience and that of others in tracks such as “Still Mobbin'”, “Naka Mio”, and “Kumakayod”. And goes to lyrical expression, bars or spoken-word with the tracks, “DMDK”, “Say Hello”, and “Alam Mo Na”, featuring collaborations with Pinoy Rap artists and groups such as Josh Papers and Tondo Boyz.

The album ends with “FTW”, expressing his willingness to “wiiiin” the rap game.


Third Flo’s lyrical skills won his second album, a 4/5!

He expressed strong rhymes, flow and delivery, but also many of his tracks are short usually around 2-3 minutes and his lyrics / verses can become too repetitive, mainly at the beginning of the track and the chorus. And while I understand that such is common in trap music, Third Flo’ could have expressed less repetition just like how Kemikal Ali expressed a wide variety of verses with his trap track, “Rekta Sa Kalye” and delivered it very well, limiting such repetition on the chorus.

Honestly from a personal perspective, Third Flo, is better off exploring the style that he used for “Territoryo” or “Bomba” which to me are his two most powerful tracks. The closest of such style in this album is, “Still Mobbin'”.

As for the beats, they are mainly trap style though some tracks with have a slightly grimy feel to it such as “DMDK” or “Naku Mio” for example.

Overall, Third Flo still delivered a good album and it is worth checking out.


  • Strong lyrics and flow
  • Combination of trap and slightly grimy beats
  • Diversity of subject matter

  • Repetitive verses
  • Most tracks are short around 2-3 minutes

Favorite track: “Still Mobbin'”

Least Favorite track: “Blessed”

Overall Review: 4/5

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