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Album Review: Shanti Dope – Basic

Album Review

Title: Basic

Artist: Shanti Dope

Year: 2022

Label: Universal Records Philippines

By Webmasta

Before I start, yes musical trends have changed. With the availability of both the internet and social media, many musicians prefer releasing their material online. What more is that, many prefer releasing singles over full albums even if the latter is an extended play format. Nevertheless there are still a handful of artists who prefer releasing full albums and I have to give them credit for that.

And the album reviews still continue!

Let’s get back to the program. Sean Patrick Ramos, more known in Pinoy Hip-Hop as Shanti Dope is one of the most prolific rap artists in The Philippines and recently dropped his latest EP album. Titled Basic, this is Ramos’ third studio album and is under Universal Records Philippines.

A review of the tracks

Shanti Dope’s third EP album has a total of 5 tracks of pure hip-hop music. Just like his previous studio albums, Ramos kept the same formula of smooth vocal flow plus his trademark spoken word theme and lyrics.

He also kept his diverse music styles such as going chill / lofi in the track, “Tabi” featuring Daarth, to the “trap” like sound of Loaded which also featured fellow rap artist, Hellmerry.

Notable Quotes

“Sabog na sabog sa ngiti pag tatawa ka ganto pala kapag sayo tumama”

Shanti Dope – Tabi


Shanti Dope’s third album, still provided a decent listening pleasure. But unfortunately, is not as classic or breathtaking as his previous 2017 release, Materyal. I more felt Materyal as it was more presentable and tracks in this album are some of the most iconic in Pinoy Hip-hop.

As with Basic, my personal favorite track is still “Basic” as I highly appreciate his lyrical flow and the supporting beat went hard.

Overall, Basic still worth checking out and is still a good album coming one of the most versatile Pinoy Hip-Hop lyricists.


  • Decent listening pleasure

  • Album lack the classic feel compared to his previous release.

Favorite track: “Basic”

Least favorite track: “Sumpa”

Overall Review: 4/5

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