Branch 64 of The Makati Regional Trial Court has dismissed the drug-selling case against known Pinoy Rap artist, Marlon Peroramas aka. Loonie this June 22, 2021.

As reported in Loonie’s official FB page, The Makati Regional Trial Court noted that,

  •  “Inconsistencies in the testimony of the poseur-buyer and that the details of his testimony are contrary to human experience.”

  • “None of the prosecution witnesses identified the drug evidence in open court as seized from the accused.”

  • “The required witnesses were absent during the alleged buy-bust operation. “There was no evidence presented or there was even no attempt to justify” their absence.”

  • “Unjustified deviation from the chain of custody rule.”

Marlon Peroramas was arrested back in September 2019 in a supposed buy-bust operation. Along those arrested were Loonie’s sister who is also his manager, his DJ during that event, one of his promoters and their driver.

The incident took place at a hotel in Makati when Loonie was visiting a child suffering from leukemia and was there to entertain.

He was detained in Makati City Jail and was released on bail back in January, 2020.

So far, Loonie’s case on drug possession is still pending and it is still up to The Makati RTC to reach the verdict.

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