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Album Review: Kawago – Kawago Reunited 2.0

Album Review

Title: Kawago Reunited 2.0

Artist: Kawago

Year: 2018

Label: Be Original Music

By Webmasta

After a decade of hiatus, Kawago one of the most popular Pinoy Rap groups reunited and released their 2018 third studio album and first extended play, Kawago Reunited 2.0.

The group is still composed of its original members, Zhatto, Duff Uno and Sneaky and while they are older and more matured, their style of music has remained the same.

But it’s great that Kawago has reunited and I appreciate that they made the effort of releasing new material.

A review of the tracks

As this is an EP album, Kawago Reunited 2.0 is only composed of seven tracks.

The majority of the tracks have the usual novelty theme mainly dealing with romance, dating and expression of love, so I will not break it down individually unlike some of the albums I’ve reviewed in this site.

Notable Quotes

“Mapapatawad pa ba mahal kong sinta; Hindi ko na kayang ikaw ay wala”

Kawago – Patawarin Mo


Kawago’s third studio album still provided some pleasant listening despite its masa / novelty theme. And their music is a bit evolved unlike their previous albums.

Honestly, I more enjoyed listening through the latter part of the album starting with the remake of “Kailanman” as overall, they are a bit more refined compared to the first three tracks. I somewhat enjoyed listening to “Kailanman” as I really appreciate the original Japanese track, “Saigo no Iiwake (最後の言い訳)” by Hideaki Tokunaga and covered by numerous Pinoy Pop artists such as Ted Ito as with the track, “Ikaw Pa Rin”.

And with Kawago, they sampled this track and fused rap music with it.

Other than that, I cannot find any more significance with this album.


  • Expressive tracks

  • Most tracks within the entire album have the usual novelty theme.

Favorite track: “Kailanman”

Least Favorite track: “Can’t Buy Me Love”

Overall Review: 3.5/5

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